środa, 23 marca 2011

Libertarian Heavens On Earth And Beyond

Hugo Chavez claims capitalism has ended life on Mars. He fails to understand that, according to liberal reasoning, Mars is ultra capitalist even now. The reasoning goes like this. Libertarians hate government, right? There is no government in Somalia, right? Hence, Somalia is libertarian. Mars? Even more libertarian.

Sounds good superficially, same as any liberal retarded reasoning. We have to look at the starting liberal assumption again. Do libertarians really hate government? After all, aren't they complaining about government programs all the time? Calling government evil? The less government the better?

No. In fact, libertarian state would have the strongest government imaginable. Libertarians do not hate government as such. Libertarians hate government aggression, that is when it infringes on private property rights. Government programs are government aggression because they are financed from taxes. Some may be unavoidable, but we should always strive to reduce their number to a minimum. Hence, libertarian minimal state. However libertarians would actually increase government programs that protect private property rights if need be, like police, courts and the army. Unless I guess we finally manage to privatise them, but even then the overriding goal should always be private property rights protection. Libertarian state is the strongest one imaginable because its only purpose in life is to protect citizens' private property. Its whole might would be directed at this one single purpose, rather than dispersed among thousands of disparate programs rendering contemporary government a lobbyist heaven.

So there is no libertarian paradise neither on Mars nor in Somalia. There are actually many other countries that are pretty close to Somalia, like Haiti, most African, basically all third world countries. Their governments either do not exist or are too weak to protect private property rights. Sure, they often protect property rights of the ruling elite, but that's no different than in ancient, feudal, absolutist or mercantilist states. On the other hand, capitalism needs "blind" private property rights. Every citizen should have exactly same negative rights to buy and sell private property. This was the trigger of Industrial Revolution. And it is still certainly not the case on Mars, Somalia or Haiti.

Are the thrid world countries socialist then? Well, they are certainly much closer to socialism than libertarianism. After all, socialist government's only purpose in life is to infringe on private property rights. It's no different really from armed gangs in third world countries. More eloquent, yes. Substantively different, not. No wonder then that their GDPs per capita are similar.

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