czwartek, 6 stycznia 2011

More Cheap Funny Drugs

No, this is not about AIDS drugs, they are not funny at all. I'm talking about the whole assortment of acids, marihuana, amphetamines etc. Why do we need more funny drugs? C O M E D Y.

I often wonder why there is so little really good comedy out there? TV keeps spouting tons of overacted miserable stuff that only retarded guys find funny. Are there so many retarded producers? Are there so many retarded viewers? Why comedy industry seems to bo so focused on that niche market of retarded people? They rarely even make their own purchasing decisions. The only alternative explanations are that either comedy producers have creativity problems or viewers can't comprehend good comedy, so there is no demand for it. Or both.

Now, hallucinogens are not patented like AIDS drugs, so they would be dirt cheap if they were not criminalized.

Can you imagine the comedy world where drugs are legal and cheap? Can you imagine the creativity of millions of artists if there were no social stigma currently associated with drug abuse? Don't have good ideas? Abuse some hallucinogens! We'd even have a whole new industry that optimizes drug abuse to achieve best comedic results. Free market at work!

Can you imagine how the ability of viewers to comprehend good comedy would increase? You don't get it? Abuse some hallucinogens! You're not that stupid, you just need to loosen up!

So here is another example how collectivist measures deprive us of what's most important in life: quality comedy time. We find our lifes increasingly boring, everybody follows the same social rules. 21'st century poses huge comedic challenges for humanity. Almost everything funny seems to have been produced already. We need new fresh ideas coming and fast.

We need to legalize drugs before our great civilization dies of boredom! What are we afraid of? That we'd end up with only half as many prisons as now? That the police would finally focus on victim crimes? That we no longer have mafia turf wars? No more drug addicts stealing and robbing (sober as sober can be) so they can afford expensive illegal drugs?

Have you ever been attacked or even threatened by someone who is actually high? No, guys who are high are hilarious! I can't even imagine anyone less dangerous. Fuck, yeah, funny and safe, that's what our civilization so badly needs to survive.

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