środa, 5 stycznia 2011

Bread & Butter

I've just made myself bread with margarine, nothing else. Just fresh unhealthy white bread plus artificial butter, delicious. What's so magical about bread and butter? 2 ingredients. I usually say 3 ingredients make for a perfect dish. Like in KFC, you need chicken, fries and barbecue sauce to be happy. But here we can get away with just 2. So what does that have to do with with liberty? Bread and butter proves the world is occasionally simpler than we usually think it is. You never know. You keep coming up with elaborate explanations. But no, you've just fucked up some simple thing, that's why.

So let's get to the point, liberals and conservatists are just plain stupid. Fuck, yeah. Want some scientific proof? Here you go:


Now, if you are a liberal or conservatist, don't get me wrong. You are probably successful in some area. You may have some great intellectual insights. In fact, many people I admire are democrats or republicans. Still, you are stupid as far as economy is concerned. You use more "disgust, empathic concern, and neuroticism" and less "utilitarianism, need for cognition, and systemizing" than libertarians do, what was to be demonstrated.

So think about that, each time you make yourself bread and butter, for lack of other ingredients left in the fridge.

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